Bad Gal Leather Skirt |Pinup Girl Clothing

Who doesn't love a good fitted skirt? Raise your hand if you do. You know the one that offers a shapely effect and hugs the contours of your body? This is why I am in love with The Bad Girl midi faux leather pencil skirt from Pinup Girl Clothing! SHOP IT It is a staple … Continue reading Bad Gal Leather Skirt |Pinup Girl Clothing

Picnic & Fashion with Miusol Clothing

Hello Lovelies! How does a glamorous picnic in the park sound? Today I journeyed down to the River and set up a fun little picnic wearing my Burgundy Dress from Miusol fashion. This post was written before our current world crisis: CORONAVIRUS  if you're in a part of the world that cannot venture outside I hope … Continue reading Picnic & Fashion with Miusol Clothing

Mixing the ‘New with the Old’

Hi Lovelies, Dressing Vintage can be quite overwhelming when you first start. It can also be quite expensive to shift any wardrobe over to a new style. One of the ways I consolidated and re-purposed what I had was to dress 'the new with the old.' Tonight I am sharing my tips to blending your true … Continue reading Mixing the ‘New with the Old’

Dressing Vogue in Miusol Fashion

Hello Loves! Drawing inspiration from the 1950's Vogue covers I decided to share how I put this darling lace dress to the task. The 1950's emphasized on a woman's natural shape by highlighting her figure. The 'wasp' waist was very popular and dresses were constructed to bring in the waist and shape out the hip. … Continue reading Dressing Vogue in Miusol Fashion

How to dress like a Hollywood Starlet

Hi loves! Have you ever dreamed of looking like an Old Hollywood movie star? Maybe it's the hair and makeup, or quite possibly the dresses? Since Hollywood Glamour is part of my specialty I wanted to share a few basics to help you feel like a Starlet! Blue Grace Kelly gown from Vintage Ooollee shot … Continue reading How to dress like a Hollywood Starlet

Glamorous Corsets

Hi Loves! I am beyond excited to be writing my first blog post on corsetry. So many thoughts are swimming through my head, but before any other posts can be written I thought it fitting to start with the basics. MEET GLAMOROUS CORSET *affiliate links within. If you choose to shop through the link I … Continue reading Glamorous Corsets

Bumper Bangs!

Hello Darlings! Today I am sharing some quick tips to my easy Bumper Bang style. There will be a step by step video tutorial at the end of this blog post for those who might want to skip ahead. Step 1 Start with day old hair. Freshly washed hair can be too slick for this … Continue reading Bumper Bangs!

How to dress like a MadMen |1960’s Vintage Fashion

Hi everyone! Remember the show MadMen? The women in the show were just as powerful as the 'Men' even though they were confined to play by the rules of 1960's society norms. Mad Men was the show to watch before The Marvelous Mrs Maisel.  AMC took home many Emmy's for the script writing, wardrobe, and … Continue reading How to dress like a MadMen |1960’s Vintage Fashion

How to Wet Set your Hair | Vintage Hair Styling

Hi everyone! Wet-setting the hair is a staple in Vintage Hair Styling. It is a fast (guaranteed) way to invoke beautiful spiral curls that can be brushed into a 1000 different ways. Those of the Vintage Community know what I am speaking of. However, if you're new to Vintage Styling a bonafide 'Wet Set' can … Continue reading How to Wet Set your Hair | Vintage Hair Styling

Trashy Diva | Grace Coat Dress

Hi everyone! The year of 2019 is drawing to a close. Reflecting is a huge part of saying goodbye and gearing up for the New Year. 2020 is HUGE as it means 100 years have passed since 1920. We don't have to think hard to remember what occurred during the 1920's. Yes there was glitz, … Continue reading Trashy Diva | Grace Coat Dress