Trashy Diva | Grace Coat Dress

Hi everyone! The year of 2019 is drawing to a close. Reflecting is a huge part of saying goodbye and gearing up for the New Year. 2020 is HUGE as it means 100 years have passed since 1920. We don't have to think hard to remember what occurred during the 1920's. Yes there was glitz, … Continue reading Trashy Diva | Grace Coat Dress

Holiday ready with Pinup Girl Clothing

Tis the Season! I have found 'the' dress to carry me through all the festivities of the Holidays! *This post is NOT sponsored Meet Pinup Girl Clothing's Monica Wiggle Dress by designer Laura Byrnes shop it here! For those who are new to Pinup Girl Clothing and Laura Byrnes designs please note that her dresses come … Continue reading Holiday ready with Pinup Girl Clothing

How to Wear Stripes | Vintage Style

Completely classic by design stripes can either take us back to a glamorous and sophisticated time or simply put, make us look like a 'jail bird.' I have learned that stripes going horizontal ad width to a frame. While vertical stripes can add length to a frame. Either way you need to know what compliments … Continue reading How to Wear Stripes | Vintage Style

Fall Essentials with Voodoo Vixen

I love the Fall Season. I call it my soul season. For one, I love the fresh crisp mornings and the smell of pumpkin. Another reason I love Fall is for the fashion! Voodoo Vixen is a fabulous vintage repro brand. I have purchased a lot of their pieces and haven't been disappointed! I find their … Continue reading Fall Essentials with Voodoo Vixen

How to Dress Vintage | Vintage Ooollee

How to dress Vintage Dressing Vintage can encompass many things. It varies between people depending on the era's they favor or what they feel most comfortable in. Vintage dressing is personal.  It takes a lot of guts to dress different from culture norms. Personally it is the only way I want to leave the house. I … Continue reading How to Dress Vintage | Vintage Ooollee

Pants for Every Occasion | VoodooVixen

Hi everyone! Today I am sharing one of my favorite staples in my Vintage Wardrobe. *Not a Sponsored post *Affiliate links within. This simply means that if you choose to purchase an item that is affiliated with me I will get a small percentage for the mention. As always, I only link what I feel … Continue reading Pants for Every Occasion | VoodooVixen

Vintage Hair Tools

Tools of the Trade Hi everyone! Today I am talking about specific hair tools that help achieve vintage hair styles. My vintage journey started less than a year ago. I have always been enamored with Old Hollywood glamour and dabbled with bits of the style here and there. When I finally dove in I was … Continue reading Vintage Hair Tools

Retro Stage Vintage Clothing

Hello Lover, Today is an exciting day! I am doing my very first review for a Vintage clothing company. Retro Stage has sent me 2 darling dresses to share with you. I try to keep my reviews short, sweet, and to the point. If you like how I write my reviews and would like to … Continue reading Retro Stage Vintage Clothing