Creating the Glamorous Cat-Eye

The Glamorous Old Hollywood Cat Eye I am often asked “Am I too old to wear winged liner?” My short response is “NO!” You are never too old to wear makeup that makes you feel glamorous.  As a working makeup artist, especially one who is obsessed with creating vintage glam looks, I have applied winged … Continue reading Creating the Glamorous Cat-Eye

Sharp Winged Pinup Eyeliner

Tonight I am posting my go-to technique for creating a sharp winged pinup eyeliner look. Last week I posted the Top 4 Best Eye Liners! As promised I will be using one of those eyeliners from the video/post to create this look.         Please watch the video below to see and learn more! 💋 Product … Continue reading Sharp Winged Pinup Eyeliner

How to apply false lashes like a Pro!

Tonight I am posting a video showing y'all my techniques on how to apply false lashes like a Pro! Last Monday I posted Everything you need to know about false eye lashes! I highly recommend reading and watching that video first. It will help you have a greater understand of everything I am about to share with … Continue reading How to apply false lashes like a Pro!

How to Clean Makeup Brushes

Makeup Brushes are a must have staple in our beauty arsenal. They can create a 1,000 different looks and if maintained will last for many beautiful years. Last week I shared my Pro suggestions on buying, and using Makeup Brushes.  Makeup Brushes (pro suggestions) what to buy and how to use. I wanted to follow-up … Continue reading How to Clean Makeup Brushes

Makeup Brushes (pro suggestions) what to buy and how to use

Makeup Brushes have long been a staple in my beauty arsenal. I started off with my first brush kit at 16 years old. (Thanks Mom!) Coming from a painting family I understand the importance of having good makeup brushes. However, for many this can be daunting. Deciding what to buy comes with its own stresses, … Continue reading Makeup Brushes (pro suggestions) what to buy and how to use

How to make Dark Lipstick last

Last week I launched my  Revlon Giveaway! and shared certain lipstick colors that will be HOT for spring and summer 2018. This week I wanted to share an amazing tip on how to make that dark lipstick last! It's super easy and changes everything about wearing dark lipstick. Fear the red no more! I created a … Continue reading How to make Dark Lipstick last

My Everyday Makeup Tutorial

In a previous post Starting a Beauty Routine I had a request to put together my everyday skin care and makeup routines. I am happy to oblige and I hope that by sharing some of my tips and techniques that it will help inspire a beauty regimen that you love. Below you will find a video, albeit … Continue reading My Everyday Makeup Tutorial