Vintage Hair Tools

Tools of the Trade Hello Lover! Today I am talking about specific hair tools that help achieve vintage hair styles. My vintage journey started less than a year ago. I have always been enamored with Old Hollywood glamour and dabbled with bits of the style here and there. When I finally dove in I was … Continue reading Vintage Hair Tools

How to clip-in Hair Extensions | Foxy Locks

Hair extensions have been a part of my beauty routine for 6 years. Recently I decided to start wearing them everyday. I find they not only add length, but add more volume and thickness. (I have naturally fine hair) This month I have dedicated my post's and video's to the requests I have received over … Continue reading How to clip-in Hair Extensions | Foxy Locks

How to create Sexy Voluminous Hair

Today I am posting my everyday hair tutorial. Below you will find a video teaching you how to create Sexy Voluminous Hair. I have spent the last two years tweaking my hair style and I am super excited to finally be sharing it with y'all today. Thank you to all who requested it! Don't forget … Continue reading How to create Sexy Voluminous Hair