Foxy Locks hair extensions Wear & Tear

I wanted to start this post by saying Thank You! I have received a lot of love from all of you lately, and I am happy to be bringing another requested video & post.  Last week I posted How to clip-in Hair Extensions | Foxy Locks This week I thought it would be fitting to follow it … Continue reading Foxy Locks hair extensions Wear & Tear

How to clip-in Hair Extensions | Foxy Locks

Hair extensions have been a part of my beauty routine for 6 years. Recently I decided to start wearing them everyday. I find they not only add length, but add more volume and thickness. (I have naturally fine hair) This month I have dedicated my post's and video's to the requests I have received over … Continue reading How to clip-in Hair Extensions | Foxy Locks

Foxy Locks Hair Extension Review

Foxy Locks Hair Extensions have been a go-to beauty item of mine since 2012!  Recently I've received several requests to do a hair how-to video. Since their hair extensions are a part of my hair routine I decided to do a review on the brand I use. I am no spring chicken when it comes to … Continue reading Foxy Locks Hair Extension Review