Hello everyone! Today I am sharing my latest MAC Cosmetics Makeup Haul. These are the go-to products I use to help cultivate my Vintage Glam makeup style, and use repeatedly on my clients who hire my services. Here is a list of all the goodies in my bag.  MAC BULK FACIAL WIPES MAC STROBE CREAM PINKLITE MAC … Continue reading MAC MAKEUP HAUL

Top 4 Best Eye Liners!

In today's post I am sharing the Top 4 Best Eye Liners.  It can be hard to find an eye liner to love. We often wonder which liners work the best. Below are my Holy Grail eye liners and I reach for them all the time! Some I have used for years and years. I … Continue reading Top 4 Best Eye Liners!

Everything you need to know about false eye lashes!

Tonight I am posting a subject that is near and dear to my heart. FAlSE EYE LASHES!!! Personally, I wear a strip of false eye lashes everyday. I have had my fair share of up's and down's while wearing and applying these lil gems. So I decided to combine my tips, tricks, and techniques into … Continue reading Everything you need to know about false eye lashes!