Welcome to Miss Audrey Monroe

Hello! Thank you for taking an interest in Miss Audrey Monroe. We hope you enjoy the content you find here. Miss Monroe has slowly been working on creating a Vintage Beauty Hub that caters to multiple interests and topics. What will you find here? Simply put, everything beauty related. This means Makeup, Makeup tutorials, Makeup … Continue reading Welcome to Miss Audrey Monroe

Makeup Brushes (pro suggestions) what to buy and how to use

Makeup Brushes have long been a staple in my beauty arsenal. I started off with my first brush kit at 16 years old. (Thanks Mom!) Coming from a painting family I understand the importance of having good makeup brushes. However, for many this can be daunting. Deciding what to buy comes with its own stresses, … Continue reading Makeup Brushes (pro suggestions) what to buy and how to use

7 Day Detox

Detox : A process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances; detoxification. Webster Dictionary   The Holidays usually have a way of derailing my diet. I eat very clean and healthy but that doesn't mean I don't indulge. Since I am 100% dairy free … Continue reading 7 Day Detox

Aveda Unboxing

Since I have recently purchased a lot of my essentials from Aveda I wanted to do an un-boxing video with y'all.  Sharing with you what is in my current rotation for both skin and hair health is something I love to do. Hopefully it can inspire you to try something new or learn more about … Continue reading Aveda Unboxing

Ballet Beautiful

Ballet Beautiful is an amazing workout experience that you can do from home through DVD's, downloads, and/or live stream. They are taught and instructed by Mary Helen Bowers; a world-renowned Prima Ballerina.  I came across Mary Helen Bowers after watching a segment hosted by the Victoria's Secret Angels. (Mary Helen is a personal trainer to … Continue reading Ballet Beautiful