Bad Gal Leather Skirt | Pinup Girl Clothing

Who doesn't love a good fitted skirt? You know the one that offers a shapely effect and hugs the contours of your body? Raise your hand if you do. This is why I am in love with The Bad Girl midi faux leather pencil skirt from Pinup Girl Clothing! SHOP IT It is a staple … Continue reading Bad Gal Leather Skirt | Pinup Girl Clothing

How to Wet Set your Hair | Vintage Hair Styling

Hi everyone! Wet-setting the hair is a staple in Vintage Hair Styling. It is a fast (guaranteed) way to invoke beautiful spiral curls that can be brushed into a 1000 different ways. Those of the Vintage Community know what I am speaking of. However, if you're new to Vintage Styling a bonafide 'Wet Set' can … Continue reading How to Wet Set your Hair | Vintage Hair Styling

Trashy Diva | Grace Coat Dress

Hi everyone! The year of 2019 is drawing to a close. Reflecting is a huge part of saying goodbye and gearing up for the New Year. 2020 is HUGE as it means 100 years have passed since 1920. We don't have to think hard to remember what occurred during the 1920's. Yes there was glitz, … Continue reading Trashy Diva | Grace Coat Dress

How to use Hot Curlers

Hi everyone! Tonight I am discussing a fundamental staple in my beauty routine. Hot Curlers. They are the staple to my Vintage Hairstyle and a way to glamourize without breaking the budget. I love that most hair lengths and cuts can accommodate the use of hot curlers. Hot Curlers *Affiliate links within. This simply means … Continue reading How to use Hot Curlers

Holiday ready with Pinup Girl Clothing

Tis the Season! I have found 'the' dress to carry me through all the festivities of the Holidays! *This post is NOT sponsored Meet Pinup Girl Clothing's Monica Wiggle Dress by designer Laura Byrnesย shop it here! For those who are new to Pinup Girl Clothing and Laura Byrnes designs please note that her dresses come … Continue reading Holiday ready with Pinup Girl Clothing

How to Wear Stripes | Vintage Style

Completely classic by design stripes can either take us back to a glamorous and sophisticated time or simply put, make us look like a 'jail bird.' I have learned that stripes going horizontal ad width to a frame. While vertical stripes can add length to a frame. Either way you need to know what compliments … Continue reading How to Wear Stripes | Vintage Style

The 7 Wonders Wheels & Dollbaby with Dita Von Teese

If you have not seen the 7 Wonders collection from Wheels & Dollbaby with Dita Von Teese, then you're in for an exciting read! I recently received my Plum de Teese Peach Wheels & Dollbaby Cardigan and am very excited to share my thoughts with all of you.ย Shop As with most things that are from … Continue reading The 7 Wonders Wheels & Dollbaby with Dita Von Teese

Fall Essentials with Voodoo Vixen

I love the Fall Season. I call it my soul season. For one, I love the fresh crisp mornings and the smell of pumpkin. Another reason I love Fall is for the fashion! Voodoo Vixen is a fabulous vintage repro brand. I have purchased a lot of their pieces and haven't been disappointed!ย I find their … Continue reading Fall Essentials with Voodoo Vixen

Zapaka Vintage Fashion

Zapaka Vintage Fashion When it comes to fashion, especially Vintage inspired fashion, I go nuts! I love sharing brands that I enjoy with all of you! Today I am showing two dresses that I picked out in collaboration with the brand named Zapaka. After going over their website I realized they have a lot of … Continue reading Zapaka Vintage Fashion