Completely classic by design stripes can either take us back to a glamorous and sophisticated time or simply put, make us look like a ‘jail bird.’

red pants 3


I have learned that stripes going horizontal ad width to a frame. While vertical stripes can add length to a frame. Either way you need to know what compliments your figure.

Personally a smaller busted woman could wear a horizontal striped blouse and it would enhance her features. While larger breasts appear to look stretched with no dimension to give them shape or lift. A shorter torso can benefit from the lines a striped blouse offers by making the silhouette appear narrower and long.

red pants 5


red pants 1


Take me back

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Stripes are classic and have been shown throughout the decades on both men and women.  Black and white is simple and understated while colorful stripes grab a viewers attention. Here I have tucked my 40’s repro blouse into high waisted trousers.  SHOP HERE  This helps to further emphasize my waist and create a feminine physique.

To negate a ‘jail bird’ look find pieces that are nipped in at the waist and emphasize your figure. Little details such as a bow at the neckline, or a brooch are great ways to feminize a striped shirt. However,  tailored men striped shirts can make a bold masculine statement and are easily worn when tucked into fitted trousers or peeking out of a tailored jacket.

red pants 6


red pants 8


Have fun and experiment. Stripes come on shirts, pants, skirts, and dresses. Play around with different designs, add a personal touch with a scarf or brooch, and buy what enhances your figure.

fur faux 2

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red pants 2


Stay Glamorous,

Miss Audrey Monroe 💋

Photography © RUCU

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