How to dress Vintage

Dressing Vintage can encompass many things. It varies between people depending on the era’s they favor or what they feel most comfortable in. Vintage dressing is personal.  It takes a lot of guts to dress different from culture norms. Personally it is the only way I want to leave the house. I adore Vintage clothing and for the last year have spent a lot of time learning and perfecting the art of it.

Today I am introducing Peter B a Vintage Stylist with a lot of experience in vintage clothing. Peter’s extensive background includes:

  • Stylist for Stitch Fix
  • Costume design and creation
  • Talent casting
  • Freelance stylist
  • Vintage clothing and costuming

Today he is sharing his expertise on how to dress ‘vintage’, making the style work for the individual, and discussing how to tailor an item so it is more accessible to personal styles.

I hope you will enjoy this post and the corresponding video tutorial.

Follow Peter on his Instagram link here

Stay Glamorous,

Audrey Monroe 💋


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