Name Change & Refined Content

Hello  Lovers!

Wow, it has been a hot minute or two since I’ve posted. I hope all of you are doing well! As the title suggests I am going to be changing the name and website address of this blog. After a few months hiatus  I have slowly been changing all my social media platforms to Miss Audrey Monroe.

You may be thinking “Oh no! Does that mean content will be changing?!” The answer is Yes, and NO. Yes, it will be more refined and honed in on my specialties.  That way I can bring YOU stronger, better, and more cohesive content. I want there to be synergy between this platform and all my other ones. I will still be posting and sharing my Beauty content which includes All Things Beauty, Beauty Reviews, Skincare, Skincare Reviews, Discussions of the skin, and more of my Vintage Glam style.  Of course you can email with any questions.

I thank each and every one of you for your love and continued support! I hope you will be excited for this new chapter and refined state of my blog. Please bare with me as changes will be made slowly and worked on over the next few months.

The new web address is please note that it will automatically take you to this NEW domain name moving forward.

Much Love,

Miss Audrey Monroe💋

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