How to create Sexy Voluminous Hair

Today I am posting my everyday hair tutorial. Below you will find a video teaching you how to create Sexy Voluminous Hair. I have spent the last two years tweaking my hair style and I am super excited to finally be sharing it with y’all today. Thank you to all who requested it! Don’t forget to leave a comment with any questions or your own video requests.

Hair tips & suggestions 

  • Choose the best hair spray that works with your hair’s texture and your desired goals. I recently discovered that ‘hard-hold’ hair spray can cause breakage. Especially if used on a daily basis. For my fine textured hair a heavier holding hair spray was too much. Now I use it only for events and functions. On the daily my HG (holy grail) is the Redken Fashion Work 12. You will find it listed below with a link on where to buy.
  • Hot Tools curling irons are the only brand you will find in my bathroom. Why? After several years of using different brands I found that Hot Tools works the best. It has multiple heat settings that work on fine to thick coarse hair. Heat is distributed evenly across the barrel which means NO hot spots. Hot spots can burn your hair and cause breakage. I use the 1 inch barrel around my face because it helps to create volume. Throughout my length I like to switch to my 1 1/4 inch barrel.
  • For those with shorter hair using a bigger barrel curling iron may result in your hair looking straight by the end of the day. I suggest using a 1 inch curling iron to achieve that Sexy Voluminous style.
  • My absolute gems are the ‘Duck Bill’ hair clips. I have 24 for holding the curls I create in this video. They hold your curl while it cools. Why is this important? When hair has a chance to cool it helps to ‘set’ the curl, ensuring a style that holds throughout the day. They can also help with volume. While you have them in your hair you can clip them into the curl and bring lift to the root area. Hair has a wonderful way of staying in a certain place if left that way for a time. When I use my Duck Bill clips to lift my root area those particular roots are more voluminous and lifted throughout my day.

*This video is not sponsored.


Products Used & Shown in the video

In order of appearance.

**NONE of the links provided are Affiliate Links. I do not gain anything from you clicking on, or purchasing anything from the sites listed below. 

  • Foxy Locks detangler brush (perfect for use on extensions) I also use their regular seamless 18 inch hair extensions in the shade Caramel. shop it here

To watch a review on the Foxy Locks hair extensions click here




  • Hot Tools curling iron. Gold Plated 1 1/4 inch shop it here and Rainbow Plated 1 inch (now discontinued but the Gold Plated is available) shop it here





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