Holiday Giveaway!



In the spirit of giving #givingtuesday I decided to do a Holiday Giveaway. I’m very excited to be doing this contest for the main purpose of sharing Light with all of you this Holiday Season. 😍 So let’s get into it!

What is the Giveaway?

I am giving away a FULL SIZE Aveda Bronzer! There are two shades to choose between. One suited for light-medium skin tones, and one for medium-deep skin tones. Aveda is one of my favorite brands. I have supported and used their products for 3 years. One of their most endearing qualities is how they give back. They give back to people, communities, and the planet.  Their sole mantra is to give back to the earth and in so doing reach ‘beauty’ needs across the globe. They NEVER have tested on animals. They are cruelty free and vegan.

  • Is this a green product?

    Plant based. Proven by Science

It depends on what your meaning of ‘green’ is. Do you mean mashing cucumber in a bowl and slathering it onto your face? Then no. If you mean using the best of plant extracts to heal the skin and nurture it, then yes. They use the safest scientific ingredients to propel the proprietary plant ingredients further into the skin. Personally I feel this is the best of both worlds. Which is taking what the planet gives and finding the best way to use it for beauty benefits.

  • Do I use this product?

Heck Yeah! I purchased this bronzer back in May and it became my cult bronzing product. As a fair chick it is hard to find bronzers that enliven my skin, and keep it from looking orange or bruised.

Now that I gave you a brief synopsis of Aveda please watch the video below to learn more about the beautiful Aveda Bronzer giveaway.




I must provide these for legal reasons and to keep things fair.☺️
  1.  You must be in the US as this is a US resident only Giveaway.
  2. In order to enter (from my blog) you must be following my blog and able to leave a comment.
  3. Leave a comment to enter with what shade of bronzer you would prefer. Then share what you’re looking fwd to the most this holiday season!
  4. You may enter on my Instragram account here ➡️ BeautyintheGrinds Instagram and follow the guidelines or on my YouTube Channel BeautyintheGrinds YouTube Channel and follow the guidelines. (Technically this means you can enter up to three times. One for the blog, instagram, and youtube)
  5. Make sure to leave information regarding the best way to reach you in the event you win! This is soooo important. I will reach out twice before moving on to another contestant.
As I mentioned in the Video the winner will be selected at random. I try to keep things as fair as possible. I will not tolerate spamming; You will be blocked. This is a family fun Holiday Giveaway and I would like to keep things as such. Please do not try and cheat the system. Failure to follow the rules will disqualify your entry.

Good Luck to every ONE of you!

Be the Light,




3 thoughts on “Holiday Giveaway!

  1. Melea Cochran says:

    Thank you for the giveaway! 😍 I’d love to win the one for light skin tones! What I’m looking forward to the most this holiday season is just spending time with family and loved ones! ❤


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