Victoria’s Secret Holiday Angel Lip Kit Review

It’s that time of year. Christmas trimmings, holiday fun, and the VICTORIA’S SECRET FASHION SHOW!!!

This year Victoria’s Secret released 4 Holiday Angel Lip Kits. I was so excited to see these come through my email and I knew I had to have one. For years I was a huge fan of Victoria’s Secret makeup. Sadly VS decided to discontinue the main body of their makeup and release lip products seasonally.

So get ready for a very special review and application video. ♥️

What I’m Reviewing:







Victoria’s Secret Holiday Angel Lip Kit: Sara Lip Kit  

Product Description:

A three product lip kit designed exclusively for Holiday 2017 by Victoria’s Secret. There are four lip kits to choose between. Each being a different color and named for the model they represent. Included inside the kit is Lip Liner, Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick, and a beautiful Glitter Gloss. Below you will find the names of each kit with a corresponding link to view each shade.

Cost: $24.50
  • If you break down the cost per product it’s roughly $8 per item. A great deal for the quality you receive.
View my Application Video below, check out the colors, and read my final thoughts.


The value for what you receive is incredible. I am very satisfied with my kit. I wore the lipstick all day. It is stay proof! After 4 hours of eating, drinking coffee, kissing my hubby, and going about my business, it faded into a stain. I love how smooth the application is and how evenly these applied to my lips. No skipping or tugging!


  • The Lip Liner and Liquid Lipstick  both apply evenly and easily. The color pay off is intense and  blend-able. Both are long wearing and dry down to a non tacky finish. Both of these colors stayed true to tone even when fading.
  • The Glitter Gloss is very shiny and has a nice reflect and subtle shimmer. It applies smoothly and glides on easily.
  • Non Drying formula.
  • 4 color shades to choose from. See above for links to each color.
  • Priced relatively low. I would consider this an affordable purchase especially since you get 3 products in the kit.
  • Glitter Gloss and Lipstick are available separately.


  • The Glitter Gloss is beautiful. However, it caused the lipstick to run a bit.
  • Only available at select stores.
  • Lip liner only available in the kit.

Swatches from top. Ruby Red- Lip Liner, Desire- Liquid Lipstick, Glitter- Glitter Gloss










Final Thoughts 

  • If wearing the Glitter Gloss, on top of the lipstick, I would allow it to dry down before heading out of the house.

Lip Colors from the Sara Lip Kit







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