Ballet Beautiful

Ballet Beautiful is an amazing workout experience that you can do from home through DVD’s, downloads, and/or live stream. They are taught and instructed by Mary Helen Bowers; a world-renowned Prima Ballerina. 

ballet beautiful (1)

My Ballet shoes and the two DVD’s that got me hooked!

I came across Mary Helen Bowers after watching a segment hosted by the Victoria’s Secret Angels. (Mary Helen is a personal trainer to several of the models)  After much research I learned that she had trained Natalie Portman for the film ‘The Black Swan.’ After watching the Black Swan and seeing the incredible transformation of Natalie Portmans figure, and ability to truly impersonate a Prima Ballerina I was inspired to give the Ballet Beautiful workouts a try.

The first purchase I made was ‘The Total Body Workout’ DVD in 2013. At the time I used it minimally and with my regular interval training. By 2014 I had given birth to my son, and needed an alternative form of exercise besides running and strength training. When I decided to make Ballet Beautiful my main workout routine it changed my life.  It is now 2017. Ballet Beautiful has given me strength and flexibility that I never knew I could have. These exercises have transformed my body composition and posture; two areas I could never seem to streamline with traditional workout routines. I have downloaded countless exercises and can practice them anywhere in the world. As long as you have wi-fi, a phone, tablet, or laptop you are automatically connected to the Ballet Beautiful community.

Who is it for?

Ballet Beautiful is for everyone. They are low impact exercises that are easy to understand, and guaranteed to make you sweat. You can choose between floor (mat) routines, or standing and movement routines. I do a mixture of both to evenly work my entire body. The key, I have found, to any exercise regimen is balance. You want to work your body evenly. This means upper body, core, and lower body. With Ballet Beautiful you can choose exercises that fit your comfort level and experience. You set the pace. One question I often get asked is ‘Do I need to be a dancer or have a dance background to benefit from Ballet Beautiful?’ The answer is No! I have never taken a ballet class in my life. I grew up without rhythm; two left feet so to speak. Now, I can effectively lay my upper body down onto my thighs and stand in first position like a pro.

Below is a link that will take you directly to Mary Helen Bowers and Ballet Beautiful’s website. If you are new to dance or ballet I recommend starting with their beginner series routines either through a DVD purchase, or downloadable exercise. The starter videos will help guide you into learning the correct forms and postures that will hopefully take you into the next level. Mary Helen Bowers is a wonderful instructor. You will find her easy to follow and understand. Personally I took my time, lesson by video lesson, and have developed a stronger sense of self (both in mind and body) and accomplishment.

Helpful tips to start your Ballet Beautiful journey

  • Ballet shoes. They help with your posture and give your body the ability to maintain poses. I now have several pairs.
  • A Yoga Mat. You will want a mat that feels comfortable enough to lay on but firm enough to support your body. In a pinch I have used a towel. However, I do not recommend it for continual use. Click this link to see My Yoga Mat
  • Ballet Attire. Eventually you may want to acquire Ballet onesies, tights, and so on. This year I finally purchased legit Ballet clothes. This was a game changer. Seeing your body in spandex helps you to learn your posture. If your posture is wrong, during a certain position, it’s easier to see in form-fitting clothes vs baggy shirts and sweat pants. It also highlights areas that are improved upon. Always a Bonus!

Please know that none of the tips mentioned above are a must for a successful Ballet Beautiful experience. I started with nothing more than a mat, and slowly purchased these things over time. Feel free to email me with any questions or inquires that you may have.

Click here to go straight into Ballet Beautiful

Stay Glamourous,

Miss Audrey Monroe 💋

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